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Financial Support for Childcare

We understand the cost of childcare can sometimes be a drain on household budgets. Please find below details on how this burden can be reduced. 

The following systems are in place from April 2011.

Childcare Vouchers

From April 2011, for basic rate tax payers the employer will be permitted to pay up to £55.00 per week towards the cost of registered childcare, while for higher rate tax payers will be limited to £28 per week without this sum being added to pay for Income Tax and National Insurance purposes

  Childcare Voucher       Company

Our registration Number / Details

  All Save

 Cambridge Kidsclub (Reference EY431630)

 ComputerShare Vouchers

 Cambridge Kids Club (Reference Number 0016204374)

 Busy Bees Vouchers  Cambridge Kids Club - BBC10147

 Kiddivouchers /

 NW Brown /

 Fair Care Services

 Please state the postcode of the setting with Ofsted registration number :

 Cambridge Kids Club @ St Luke’s - CB4 3JZ; Ofsted; EY431599

 Cambridge Kids Club @ Queen Edith’s – CB1 8QP; EY431630

 Cambridge Kids Club @ Meridian - CB23 7DD; EY451895

 Fideliti /

 Cambridge Kids Club (Account Code: CAM021C)

 Cambridge Kids Club @ Meridian (Account Code: CAM032C) / Accor Services    / Accorservices

 Account number:  P20662190


 Cambridge Kidsclub @ St Lukes (00427479)

 Cambridge Kidsclub @ Queen Edith’s (00431346)


 Cambridge Kids Club (Account Number 815212)

 Cambridge Kids Club @ Meridian (Account Number 822622)


 Cambridge Kidsclub @ St Luke’s – Account Number 40393885

 Cambridge Kidsclub @ Queen Edith’s – Account Number 03089621

 Cambridge Kidsclub @ Meridian – Account Number (TBC)


 Cambridge Kidsclub @ St Luke’s – Account Number 85100886

 Cambridge Kidsclub @ Queen Edith’s – Account Number 85100884

 RG Childcare Account Number: 53154779903

Childcare Tax Credit

In addition to childcare vouchers, parents may be entitled to Childcare Tax Credit, which pays towards the cost of pre-school, after-school and school holiday care. Parents must either be single or, when married, both parents must be working. The final amount of benefit depends upon income.

From April 2011 parents may claim up to 70% of childcare costs up to a maximum of £175.00 per week for one child and up to 70% of childcare costs up to a maximum of £300.00 per week for 2 or more children.  

Child Tax Credit

From April 2011 a number of changes have taken place on the Child Tax Credit (CTC). Parents may continue to receive Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance and Child Benefit.

Child tax credits are available to families who have an income of up to £58,000 per year. There are also a higher payment for families who have at least one child under one year old and for families with children that have a disability.

If you would like to check if you qualify for tax credits please go to the following URN:

When claiming you should state the name of the club and provide its Ofsted number. For your information these are:

  • Cambridge Kids Club @ St Luke’s  EY431599
  • Cambridge Kids Club @ Queen Edith’s  EY431630  
  • Cambridge Kids Club @ Addenbrooke’s  EY431630
  • Cambridge Kids Club @ Meridian EY451895

For further advice the Inland Revenue Helpline number is 0845 300 3900 or you may text 0845 300 3909 There is also a Disabled Persons Tax Credit Helpline 0845 605 5858.

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