Meridian Primary School

We offer a breakfast, after school and holiday club for children attending Meridian Primary School on the school site. The club is managed by our Play Leader, Chris, and his fantastic team of passionate play workers.

Our club is a fantastic place to hang our before or after school. The children can freely choose a range of toys and equipment. Our team are always there to supervise and make sure they can make the most of their time with us. We also offer planned activities and themed clubs to give the children options and choice which we feel is important.

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The Breakfast Club

Breakfast School Club operates from 7.45am to 9am, Key Stage 1 Children will be escorted to their classrooms and key stage 2 children are expected to walk to their classrooms by themselves.

We offer children a choice of a healthy breakfast each morning, which usually consists of a mix of Cereal, Milk, Fruit, Toast, Crumpets and water

The After School Club

After School Club operates from the end of the School day to either 4:45pm or 6pm, Key Stage 1 children will be collected from their classrooms by a playworker and key stage 2 children will be expected to make their own way to the after school club (internally through the school). Children who attend an extra circular club at the school will be collected by a playworker if they are in KS1 and a snack will be offered to them when they arrive at the after school club.

We have a delicious changing menu of light snacks that the children can enjoy with their friends, catching up after the school day. The children can then play as they wish until pick up time.

A member of our team is ready to meet parents at the school office entrance. Just ring the bell and we will come see you. We love catching up with parents and we are always ready to answer any questions or give feedback about a Childs afternoon with us.

The Holiday Club

The holiday club operates from 8am – 6pm with a full and varied programme of activities and trips. Each week has a theme to it and the activities and outings are based around that theme. This will be emailed out to you around 6 weeks before the start of the holiday for you to book the specific days. For children staying all day, a mid-morning snack and a light afternoon snack is provided. We ask you to provide a pack lunch.


Meridian Primary School, Harbour Avenue, Comberton CB23 7DD

Location in school

From the car park walk towards the back of the primary school to the gate, turn left where there is a gap in the buildings. You will come to a door on the right, press the door bell and the staff will come and let you in.


For dropping off at after school club or collections before 4pm please can we request that you park cars on the street outside the school, as the school gates are closed as parking is for school staff only. Otherwise there should be car parking available on site for 6pm collection. Please be aware of staff/ parents /children who may be walking through the car park.

Meet our Play Leader, Chris

Hi everyone, here at meridian we make sure our club feels like a home from home. We always make new comers feel welcome and our play workers are always here to help!

What has Ofsted recently said about us...

  • “Children enjoy the range of activities on offer and are encouraged to follow their own interests. They have opportunities to make their own choices, such as the daily board, where they record their ideas for the day’s activities.”

  • “Children benefit from the friendly and meaningful relationships that have been established between their parents and staff…. Parents speak positively of the setting and are confident that their children are happy and settled.”

  • “Children are happy and enjoy their time at this welcoming setting. Staff provide a range of enjoyable activities which take account of children’s interests and learning needs. They strive to offer an inclusive service where all children are valued and respected as individuals. Staff share friendly and meaningful relationships with parents and teachers at the host school.”

Testimonials from Parents

  • In particular, I would like to praise Chris, who has been a pillar of support over the last 2 years and particularly with handling my Childs transition. Chris was thoughtful, kind and so beautifully matter of fact about the support that was needed.

  • We love knowing our child is safe, happy and having lots of fun!! It eases our minds when we are busy at work.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Depending on the size of the club and the day you need to book, we try our best to accommodate any last minute bookings.

    For the Breakfast and Afterschool Club session(s), if less than a months’ notice of cancellation is given, we will unfortunately have to charge for the session(s), after which you will lose the regular booking pattern and should you require it again will need to join our waiting list. If more than a months’ notice is given you will not be charged but will still lose your regular booking pattern and should you require it again will need to join our waiting list. However if you would like to hold onto the regular session, then we will offer to keep this open for a small fee – 50% of the sessions fee. You are free to make a permanent cancellation to the regular session, please note we will then offer this session to another child who is currently on our waiting for a place.

    No. We offer places on a first come first served basis. The only time this is not used is when a child is on the waiting list but are not able to start, we then hold their place until it is needed and then make offers to children next on the list.

    Yes. Most of our breakfast / after school session hold a waiting list. We recommend contacting us at the earliest possibility to register your child and add them to the waiting list for your required days.

    No. To offer parents childcare security we roll sessions over from one academic year to the next. This means that children’s places will continue until we receive notification from parents to change or cancel them.

    No. We do not ask for a deposit.

    No. We do not require a registration fee.

    Each club provides a slightly different menu. Generally for breakfast there is a variety of cereals, toast, yoghurts and fresh fruit with water, milk and fruit juice available to drink. In the after school clubs there is likely to be a variety of vegetables, crackers, breadsticks, meats and cheeses. To drink there is diluting juice and water. Fresh fruit is available continually.

    Yes. We do encourage all parents to visit the after school club before their child starts. This gives parents and children time to meet the Playleaders and Playworkers and ask any questions they may have. It is also a great chance for children to familarise themselves with the layout and see if they already have friends attending.

    Each school with stagger reception start dates slightly differently. When your sessions are confirmed, please provide us with the date you wish your child to start attending the club. This is normally similar dates to when they start school full time.