Case Study: Bourne Primary School


Cambridge Kids Club and Bourne Primary School have formed a partnership to provide exemplary wrap around provision.  The After School, Breakfast club and Holiday club is managed by our Play Leader, Maisie, and her fantastic team of passionate play workers.

After meeting with the headteacher and understanding the particular needs of Bourne primary school, our team has created a cohesive and successful setting managed completely independently from the school itself.

We are very proud of the club we have developed at Bourne Primary school and look forward to future development.

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What we did


After doing our own research and meeting with the headteacher, we understood how we could take over and provide a service that was reliable and fit into the school seamlessly.

We took complete control of recruitment, making sure that all staff were appropriately trained and DBS checked. Our office also becomes the point of contact for all parents, taking the pressure off busy teaching staff!

Even though our Playleader takes over everyday running of the club, we think that a ‘team’ mentality is important. We have regular catch ups with school staff to understand how we can provide the best possible care for the children at the club.

The Outcome

By working closely with the school, we have created a reliable and loved club that suits the paticular needs of parents.

The school knows that it can trust us to take full responsibility of the logistics of the club which takes the pressure off teaching staff.

With new children attending the club everyday, CKC are looking forward to its future at St Pauls CE primary school.

  • "When I show new parents around the school, that is always the one thing they ask - 'do you have wrap around provision? - Im happy to now say yes! This has been very positive and productive for both the school and Cambridge Kids Club "

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