Social Values

Cambridge Kids Club goes beyond simply providing exceptional care; we actively strive to contribute to social values and make a positive impact on the lives of children, families, and society as a whole in the following ways:

High Quality Provision

Our clubs offers a structured environment where children can engage in free play and planned activities which provide a foundation for emotional and social development and preparing children for future success.

Socialisation and Interpersonal Skills

Our clubs provides a platform for children to interact and develop social skills.

Inclusion, Diversity & Support for Children with Additional Needs

We firmly believe in the power of inclusion and our dedicated team of experienced professionals provides specialised support and resources for children with additional needs, ensuring that every child feels valued and supported on their unique journey of growth and development. By exposing children to different cultures, languages, and abilities we foster an appreciation for diversity and reduce prejudice. By exposing children to diverse perspectives and encouraging cultural exchange, we promote respect, empathy, and intercultural competence. This inclusive environment promotes equality, respect, and empathy, helping children grow up to be more accepting and open-minded individuals.

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Support for Refugee Children

We offer places to refugee children and provide a safe and inclusive space, language support, and trauma-informed care, helping vulnerable children integrate into society, build resilience, and access educational opportunities.

Mental Health Support

We prioritise mental health support for staff and children contributing to the overall well-being of families. We provide staff access to resources, counselling services, and promote emotional well-being and stress management and we encourage children to take part in mindfulness and yoga. By creating a supportive environment we hope to play a role in addressing the mental health needs of our community members.

Parenting Workshops, Education and Community Engagement

We offer workshops on topics such as child development, positive parenting techniques, nutrition, or health and safety. By providing valuable information and support to parents, we aim to empower parents to create nurturing home environments and this strengthens the overall well-being of families.

Child Welfare and Safety

The well-being and safety of children is of paramount concern. We maintain appropriate ratios of qualified staff to ensure individual attention and supervision. By adhering to stringent safety measures, such as childproofing environments, implementing health protocols, and promoting healthy habits, we aim to contribute to the physical and emotional well-being of children, providing peace of mind to parents and the wider community.

Employment Opportunities & Apprenticeship Training

We create not only job opportunities for Early Childhood Educators, but career pathways. We actively engage with our Local authority and post sixteen colleges to provide apprenticeship training and placements for students, offering opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing a career in early childhood education. By providing on-the-job training, mentorship, and professional development, we contribute to building a skilled and qualified childcare workforce. This not only benefits the individuals involved but also enhances the quality of early childhood education in the wider community.


Environmental responsibility is ingrained in our ethos. Our nursery boasts solar panels, harnessing renewable energy to reduce our carbon footprint and teach children about sustainable practices from an early age. This commitment to sustainability sets an example for the community and helps create a greener and healthier future. We also prioritise recycling initiatives, instilling eco-friendly habits in the young minds we nurture. By using recycling we commit to educating children about the importance of recycling, and practise responsible waste management.

Ways we are developing our Social Values are:

  • Community Outreach Programs

    We aim to actively engage in community providing social value by extending our services beyond the confines of their immediate environment. We are developing our outreach programmes to include events, workshops, and educational sessions for families in the community to promote parenting skills, early childhood development, and overall well-being. We aim to strengthen our community ties, foster collaboration, and create a sense of belonging.

  • Intergenerational Programs

    We want to establish connections with local retirement homes or senior centres to create intergenerational programs that benefit both children and older adults. By bringing together different age groups, we hope to promote social interaction, understanding, and mutual support, providing opportunities for shared experiences, learning, and relationship-building, ultimately reducing social isolation and enhancing the well-being of both generations.

  • Partnership with Local Businesses and Organisations

    We want to establish partnerships with local businesses, organisations and charities to contribute to the social fabric of our community. These collaborations may involve fundraising events, joint projects that address local needs, supporting food banks or even participating in community clean-ups in order that we play our part in creating a sense of solidarity, civic engagement, as well as strengthening community resilience.

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